Updated Networking Stats
Job seekers still rank networking as the #1 way by which to find their next gig — but Internet job boards took a jump up in prominence. According to the Sept. 2, 2011, issue of Human Resource Executive, in 2010, 41% of new career opportunities were secured through traditional networking. An amazing 25% of new positions were secured through the Internet job boards. Right Management in Philadelphia conducted the survey with 59,133 respondents (a statistically large pool to validate these findings).

My bottom-line suggestion? Leave no stone unturned in your job-seeking efforts. This means using all forms of networking (including LinkedIn, including Facebook, and - yes - even including Twitter, plus old-fashioned, pick-up-the-phone, get-out-there-and-meet networking)… use alumni and trade journal contacts… do check out opportunities on the job-search boards (but always go direct to the company after you find an opportunity on line)… and keep up efforts on all fronts. Persevere. Be tenacious. It’s how you’ll get it done.