Resume No No’s
In a recent study done by Harris Interactive, there are several common mistakes that job candidates make on their resumes. With over 2,000 hiring managers and Human Resources representatives taking part in the study here are some of the things that you should not do on your resume:
  • Using text-speak. For example, job seekers should spell out the word “you” and not use “u” on resumes or any other job seeking materials.
  • Do not use phrases or wording that puts down a current or former supervisors, coworker or any company employee. For example, under the objective statement “I would like to work with someone who is not an alcoholic and does not have DUI’s.”
  • Be sure your name is on the resume, along with an address. It may sound obvious, but sometimes the easiest things are overlooked. The address is still important because the employer wants to know where you are located. (If you are willing to relocate, that can be strategically stated on the resume.)
  • No pictures on the resume.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make sure all information is listed and accurate, such as dates of employment
  • Resumes need to be tailored to the position, not generic.
  • Do not copy and paste from the job description or help wanted ad.
  • Do not use decorative paper.
  • Do not have references listed at the end.
Resumes should not be more than two pages, usually they should just be one full page. Two pages are reserved for higher level job candidates who have extensive work history.

Not every job needs to be highlighted on your resume. A majority of the survey respondents said that only the last ten years of work history is necessary, and the work history should be relevant to the current job they are seeking.