On Getting a Second Opinion
I have been experiencing hesitation in second gear that has gotten progressively worse. Because I have endured the cost and aggravation of putting a new transmission in a previous vehicle, I immediately assumed the worst. I went to a local transmission shop to ask one of the mechanics what he thought the problem was. After listening to me describe the symptoms and finding out how many miles the car had on it, he said I may want to begin thinking about getting a new transmission. I began thinking about the balances of my checking and savings account and wondering how I could pull off getting a transmission. I wondered if I would get a new or rebuilt one? These were just some of the thoughts running through my mind. Upon having a conversation with my mechanic, he mentioned I may just need to change my spark plugs. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? For less than one hundred dollars I may very well be able to have my plugs changed and my problem fixed. My mechanic’s second opinion restored my optimism and brightened my day. I began thinking about how important it is to get a second opinion and to consider the source when soliciting advice. This even extends to the job search.

I had a discussion with some of my colleagues regarding proper interview attire. Some of them thought only suits were appropriate while some believed other professional dress combinations could work too. There are times when we review a resume and emerge with varying thoughts about the aesthetics and content of the document. Our opinions are based on several factors ranging from our professional experiences to our personal preferences. For this reason I encourage you to corral several resources when making professional decisions.

Be sure to conduct your own industry-related searches, because your opinion is valid! Visit reputable websites posting information regarding your inquiries. Finally, solicit the opinion of a career coach to obtain answers from an industry expert. The Office of Career Services maintains a website offering programs to help students further their career searches. I recommend visiting the site and upon locating programs of interest contact a career coach to discuss them.

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