Making the Most of Working With a Recruiter
As you know, looking for a job can be challenging and frustrating. This is especially true if you feel you've already utilized all of your resources. If your job search has been ongoing, now is the time to review some of your tools to make sure you're utilizing them to their fullest potential. For instance, have you been making the most of working with your recruiter?

Recruiters can work as an extension of your job search and act as your own personal salesperson; promoting your abilities to a potential employer. Recruiters also have access to positions that are unadvertised or only available through a placement agency. Here are several tips to maximize the effectiveness of your experience with a recruiter:

Make sure your recruiter specializes in your field. Recruiters usually specialize in specific job sectors or industries. You'll have the most success with a recruiter who already knows contacts in your field or currently has available openings for you.

Stay in touch with your recruiter frequently to keep yourself fresh in their mind. Share potential positions or target companies that you have researched. It is also important to provide your recruiter with updates on your resume about your education or experience to maximize potential opportunities that will match your abilities.

Take advantage of your recruiter's inside knowledge of different companies and their key contacts. Many recruiters have been on hundreds of job searches. They already know many of the common interview questions at their client companies and can help fine-tune your interviewing skills. They are also ready to assist in improving your resume and tailoring your cover letter to appeal to a particular company. Furthermore, never be afraid of working with more than one recruiter to expand your pool of opportunities.

Don't rely solely on your recruiter to find a job. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that your recruiter will find you a position. Although working with a recruiter is an avenue that is worth exploring, it is important to stay motivated and to explore all options available.

Be patient. Sometimes your recruiter will contact you for a specific job and have an interview lined up for you within a week. Other times, recruiters may not have any openings for someone with your experience, but may in the future.

In any job search, it is important to stay positive and keep in touch with your recruiter to get the most out of your experience.