How A LinkedIn Profile Can Benefit You As A Job Candidate:
Here are some tips how you can use a LinkedIn Profile account to leverage your job seeking and networking strategies. These tips address both the job seeker and the employer looking for people like you:

  1. LinkedIn enables you to reconnect with former co-workers and contacts, which are leads to a future job.

  2. Many jobs are only announced on LinkedIn.

  3. A well crafted, mindful LinkedIn Profile will attract recruiters.

  4. If a recruiter or potential employer receives your resume, which has your LinkedIn Profile URL on it and they take the time to look you up, your profile can further entice them to call you in for an interview if you have the qualifications/skills/experience they are seeking.

  5. LinkedIn Profiles are viewed as a credible source of information versus other social media platforms.

  6. Getting and encouraging people to make recommendations on your profile can further boost your chances of getting an interview and boost your credibility.

  7. You can also connect with key people who in the company for which you are applying. By doing this in a professionally yet friendly manner, you could be at the top of list when it comes who they are choosing to interview.

  8. By viewing current company employee and management profiles, for the company you are interested in, you can get a better understanding of the organization and the people who work there You could also gain some details that you can use during the interview that others may not know about – making you stand out from other job candidates.