As a holistic energy educator, I understand the importance that energy
plays in life. I can recognize energy patterns in people in the way they talk,
walk, look, and express themselves. Einstein’s quote about life is, “There is
nothing but energy.” Our thoughts, e-motions, and our physical bodies are
all energy in motion. These are four energy principles, that I apply in my
coaching to explain the transformation process to my clients:

1. Energy is the invisible building block of everything in the
universe. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy does
not know space or time. Energy is always in the present and
manifests according to the quantitative and qualitative
attention factor given by us, the observers.

2. Energy has the capacity to constantly renew itself. It’s an
infinite cycle. We are re-cycled Energy Beings, according to Dr.
Deepak Chopra and our possibilities are infinite.

3. Energy is based on expansion and contraction, taking place
through the interaction of positive and negative poles.
Our experiences are enriched through polarization i.e
love - hate, enthusiasm - depression, giving -receiving,
scarcity – abundance or control - surrender.
There is no good or bad in energy.
Energy just is.

4. Energy is measured by frequencies of vibrations (i.e lower
vibrations are hate, jealousy, revenge and higher
vibrations are love, acceptance, joy).

Through my work, I experienced that all starts with awareness and then it takes
focus, intention and commitment to manifest new energy patterns.
Through this process energy will shift from an unhealthy conditioned state
into a healthy authentic state. If we do not have the necessary energy
to meet our challenges, it means we are spiritually, mentally, emotionally
and physically out of energetic alignment and that causes us to be out of
We call this negative energy. Energy gets stuck—it’s stagnant, it
stopped flowing. It shows up in our moods—we feel cranky or
overwhelmed, stuck, trapped, angry, or stressed. If we cannot release that
negative energy and are holding on to it, we will find ourselves in a place of
discomfort, continuous struggle or even stagnation that can also lead to chronic
The conditioning of our life is making us “blind.” It’s like driving in a
car and looking through the side mirror and not seeing anything. In fact,
our perfect man and/or job may be right there, yet, we may not “see” it.