First Level Connection Referrals

Networking is the best way for candidates to land a job, but employers can benefit from taking on referrals from their current employees as well. However, as with any strategy, Tim Muma finds out there are potential drawbacks and risks for trusting a referred candidate. George Boue, Vice President at Stiles Corporation, analyzes the pros and cons of trusting a first level connection when searching for and hiring a prospective employee. Positively or negatively, there can be far-reaching effects when using this strategy.

Podcast Series: Minding Your P's and Q's
Minding Your P's and Q's is the ultimate source for all matters related to business etiquette. Here you find answers on the appropriate ways to think, speak, act, and look in a variety of scenarios. Each step of the process - job search, interview, daily business and special events - has its own rules and guidelines.