Dreaming is Serious Business
“Put your Dreams into Actions,” says New York Certified Dream Coach Claudia Bayr. “Dreaming is serious business! I’m not talking about the kind of dream you have when you’re asleep, but the kind you have when you’re most awake and aware of what you really want in your life. I’m not talking about an unattainable fantasy but a heartfelt desire – a deep passion that lives in all of us.”

Unfortunately, very few of us are actually creating our lives with passion. A recent Chandler Hill Partners poll revealed an alarmingly low job satisfaction rate of only 27% in the workforce. Just imagine the impact this lack of satisfaction has on the productivity and profitability of a company. It also impacts corporate culture and the lives of workers who carry their dissatisfaction, stress and frustrations home with them. You could say we have a society full of people who feel they’re trapped on a rat-wheel – working hard and going nowhere.

The poll also showed that money is not the only ingredient of job satisfaction. Work that supports the expression of who we are, our passion and our creativity, is most important. Workers also need a sense of recognition for the work they do.

You work for a living. Imagine the difference if you worked for a life. What if you worked for what really matters to you?

Workers between the ages of 35 and 45 seem to be the most driven to find meaning and purpose in their professional careers, and if they don’t find it, they’ll continue on a downward spiral. People can give up. They have to take a risk to re-invent themselves to prevent a downward spin.

The natural human drive is to find meaning by expressing unique talents and sharing those talents with others. Truly successful people know this. They are the big dreamers who find their dreams and inspire others.

Walt Disney had a famous quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Loving what you do in every moment allows you to accomplish tasks faster, more efficiently and effortlessly. When you feel truly inspired you will do things you never thought you could do. You’ll surpass your own limitations and break through negative beliefs.

Passionate people create a better work environment. Imagine going to an office where you love what you do and can express your own unique passions and talents. Passionate people manage time more effectively, have higher productivity and personal satisfactions. Your boss will love you and chances are you’ll advance in your career.

Here are 6 ways you can bring more passion into your workplace:

  1. “Bring more of what you love into your life. People who are successful and satisfied know that’s the secret to living with passion,” says Marcia Wieder, an expert in the dream-coaching field.

  2. Bring your passion for your work into everything you do you will manage your tasks and your team differently. You’ll have better relationships with co-workers and clients.

  3. Discover what your strengths are and use them: Explore your unique purpose and share your unique talents.

  4. Focus your passion to move your business forward. Passion without focus is a waste of energy.

  5. Communicate your passion with clarity and commitment and you will be unstoppable in realizing your dream.

  6. Encourage others to dream big, and you’ll be surprised how your productivity and profits will increase!
What’s more, medical research shows that passionate people are living longer, healthier lives.

“I support people in clarifying their dreams and visions – in finding their life purpose. I help you get rid of struggle and fear and strategize so you can live a truly happy life,” says Bayr.

If you can dream it, you can do it.