Basic Tips On Creating a Powerful Resume
Basic Tips On Creating a Powerful Resume

Job hunting can be extremely difficult these days. On average, for every available position, there are about 5 job-seekers. That means if your resume is not focused, eye-catching, and up-to-date, it’s likely cast aside quickly. Here are some basic tips to help you develop a powerful resume and demonstrate your unique value.

When creating a resume, you should assess your experience, skills, education, and accomplishments. Then, look at what the employer wants – what types of skills, experiences, and education. Where those meet is where you need to focus your resume.

So here’s how to structure it:
  • The top of your resume should include your name and contact information. Next, place a brief summary of your qualifications that includes the breadth of your experience – NOT an objective.
    • Make sure you have a PROFESSIONAL and personal email address (ie. firstname.lastname
    • Make sure your voicemail is also professional sounding. No kids saying “hi!” or silly jokes.
    • You might want to include your linkedin profile IF you’ve got references on there.
  • Then place your career history or experience, with each job place, title, date, and bullet points that detail what you did at each position. Make sure this information matches up with the experience you listed earlier in your summary.
  • Include performance milestones, such as any interesting awards you received or quantifiable, big accomplishments (ie. “created a system that increased revenue by 50%).
  • List education WITH dates.
  • Include professional affiliations. These show that you are interested in being around like-minded people and in continuously developing yourself.
These simple tips will get you started on your way to building a resume that works for you. There’s more to it than this, though, so be sure to read our next blog for even more valuable advice on creating a powerful resume!