Company Overview

At Ramboll Environ, we have 2,100 employees working across 128 offices in 26 countries. All of us are focused on bringing creativity, insight and integrity to each and every client engagement.

By combining resources across geographic boundaries and technical and scientific disciplines, we provide clients with the best, most responsive teams—whether responding to existing challenges, evaluating opportunities to improve performance or seeking to reduce future liabilities.

We continually strive to be at the forefront of our fields: delivering innovative, inspiring and sustainable solutions that set new standards and make a genuine difference to our customers, the environment and society as a whole.

We present here a sampling of solutions that these dedicated professionals have delivered to clients.

Adapting to climate change

We have worked with California’s Port of San Diego to create and implement a Climate Action Plan that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions across half a dozen targeted areas, and to develop climate change adaptation studies that address local vulnerabilities to climate change.

Science benefits homes

Our scientists discovered the gases and chemical reactions causing odors and corrosive effects on copper and silver from Chinese drywall used in residential buildings, enabling the gases to be eliminated and repairs to be made to thousands of homes.

Improving liveability in Jeddah

We are developing an Environment and Social Master Plan to accommodate rapid urbanization in Jeddah. Our report provides a baseline of current air, water and waste conditions, and proposals for corrective actions to improve living conditions.

Hong Kong air quality

In response to rapid urbanization and explosive economic growth in the Pearl River Delta region, the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (EPD) retained us to upgrade an air quality modeling system that allows EPD to study the complex relationships among factors that influence Hong Kong air quality.

Delivering gas to Europe
Our early-stage environmental planning and input to the construction design enabled the world’s largest gas pipeline to be built without significant environmental impact. The Nord Stream pipeline transports up to 55 billion m3 of gas per year from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea.

Award-winning EIA

Our EIA prepared for the proposed expansion of the Kemira Chemicals plant in Sastamala received an honorary award from the Finnish National EIA Association for exceptionally good assessment of risks and the potential environmental impacts of disturbances and emergency situations.

Third-ever REACH authorization

Roxel was granted the third-ever authorization under REACH in the EU for use of the phthalates DEHP and DBP for formulation and use of rocket propellant, based on our demonstrating safe use, preparing alternatives assessments and conducting a socio-economic evaluation of continued use.

Reconstructing workplace exposures

For a global electronics industry client, we completed a rigorous, quantitative exposure reconstruction for workers who had developed certain diseases during their employment at several semiconductor facilities in Asia. Our exposure reconstruction confirmed findings by the occupational agencies that the diseases were unrelated to exposures at the client’s facilities.

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