Company Overview

Every year, Genesys orchestrates billions of remarkable customer experiences for organizations in more than 100 countries. Through the power of our cloud, digital and AI technologies, organizations can realize Experience as a Service™ our vision for empathetic customer experiences at scale. With Genesys, organizations have the power to deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper personalized experiences to deepen their customer connection across every marketing, sales, and service moment on any channel, while also improving employee productivity and engagement. By transforming back-office technology to a modern revenue velocity engine Genesys enables true intimacy at scale to foster customer trust and loyalty.


We’re dedicated to creating a company that’s reflective of the communities we work in. That means fostering a diverse workforce across race, gender, orientation, age and life experience. Our teams actively contribute to and participate in programs that benefit local and international causes, such as sharing coding knowledge and sponsoring fresh drinking water wells in underprivileged countries.

We approach our hiring practices, employee experiences and company culture with a sense of empathy. By focusing on our people, we can better understand those we serve and deliver better experiences across the board.

“At Genesys, we promote a culture of empathy in which every voice is heard, valued, remembered and understood. We believe it’s our responsibility to close equity gaps and foster a culture of inclusion and equality — where every employee feels that their uniqueness is appreciated and knows that they’ll be treated fairly. Our culture of inclusion is bolstered by our commitment to one another and to ourselves, as well as an unwavering desire to build a better and more just organization.” 

- Eric Thomas, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer


Every company makes an impact on the world. Genesys is committed to ensuring ours is a responsible, positive one. We are actively building and executing sustainability processes that improve people’s lives, minimize our impact on the planet and foster ethical practices.

Our company culture is built on sustainable practices
We put our people, our customers and the environment at the forefront of our strategies, practices and decisions. From embedding sustainability into our product value to positively impacting a million lives, we constantly strive to build better outcomes for our future.

Minimizing our impact on the planet
As a company and a workforce, we have a responsibility to do what’s right for the planet. Across our physical offices, remote workforces and product development efforts, we’re actively seeking ways to lessen our impact on the environment. This includes our commitment to cloud-based technology, and enabling our customers to move away from on-premises deployments.

In 2021 and beyond, we’re reducing our carbon emissions by having more virtual meetings and opting for eco-friendly travel whenever possible. And we’re actively optimizing our facilities while enabling employees to work from home, further reducing our environmental impact.

Building ethical and resilient practices
We put our customers and employees first by ensuring our business is sustainable. From our technology practices to our financial objectives, everything we do is focused on longevity and reliability. Our customers can operate with confidence they can provide support when it’s needed most. Built with uptime in mind, our technology is always ready to facilitate interactions — even during extreme weather or public health crises.

Join the Team

Build your career with the company that’s defining the future of customer experience. Join our team of smart, interesting, innovative people who bring their best every day, in all they do. At Genesys, you’ll be part of the team that enables leading brands worldwide to deliver exceptional customer experiences, making every moment count.

Be part of a team with a 30-year track record of software innovation and success. As a globally diverse company, Genesys gives you the opportunity to contribute in a fast-paced environment, with supportive, sincere, authentic and fun people. Ideas and suggestions are valued, diversity is embraced and successes are celebrated. Together, we’re defining the future of customer experience while building our careers and forging lifetime connections.

Company Summary
Genesys Cloud Services, Inc.
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