Company Overview

At CoStar Group, we use technology to connect the world’s leading real estate professionals with the people and information they need to succeed. Whether that’s researching what’s on the market, valuing properties, matching buyers and sellers, or connecting people looking for a great apartment with the right apartment owners and managers, we’re in the business of helping clients reach their goals.
Since 1987, we’ve been on a mission to create efficiency and transparency in commercial real estate. From our earliest days, as the ­first company to offer real estate firms comprehensive, objective, reliable information, to our recent expansion into operating some of the most active Internet marketplaces for buying and selling commercial real estate, apartments, businesses and land, we’ve been committed to excellence and creating the most inventive and insightful company in our industry.
Over the last 20+ years, we’ve made sure to build a team and a culture that people want to be a part of. By creating an engaging, dynamic, and healthy environment to work in, we’ve built a team that wants to work together to achieve their goals and the goals of our company.