Company Overview
CNIC's mission is to enable the Navy's Operating Concept through Enterprise alignment of all shore installation support to the Fleet, Fighter and Family.

The Navy's Operating Concept or "NOC" is essentially "Big" Navy's mission statement of how DOD's maritime component will execute its mission.

The Enterprises are those warfighting domains (Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE), Undersea Enterprise (USE), etc.) which oversee the procurement, use and sustainment of all the ships, aircraft, submarines and their associated operating concepts, so the Navy can execute the NOC.

CNIC's job as an "enabler" is to thread a needle across these Enterprises, with the needle and thread equating to all the services our installations provide on a daily basis in support of the Enterprises. These services (Ports, Airfields, MWR and Housing, to name just a few) are how we support the "Fleet, Fighter and Family."

"Fleet" represents the operating forces of the Navy. CNIC ensures all installation requirements necessary to train and operate the Fleets (Ports, Airfields, Training Ranges, etc.) are maintained and ready regardless of tempo.

"Fighter" represents the men and women in the operating forces. CNIC ensures the installation's ability to facilitate the manning, training and equipping of the Navy's fighting force never skips a beat.

"Family" represents the men and women of the armed forces and their families. To ensure our fighting force is supported on all fronts, our Family and Community Services, Housing and Safety efforts provide the "peace of mind" to allow "Big" Navy to operate effectively.
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