Company Overview

Longmont is a diverse, multicultural and welcoming city, one in which it's easy for people to make connections, do business, and to thrive as part of the community. As home to many customs and cultures, it's easy for residents and visitors to find fellowship with others of similar backgrounds and to explore and join in traditions that are new or foreign. The many nonprofit, civic and cultural organizations of Longmont welcome new people to become involved, and there is opportunity to find others with whom to share almost any interest.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those who live in, work in, or visit our community.


The City of Longmont is a values-driven organization. When every employee lives by and is accountable for the values listed below, Longmont will be the best municipal organization in the world. Let’s do it!:

13 Vital City Attributes – Shared, Individual and Organizational
INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES AND THE ORGANIZATION are equally responsible for demonstrating these vital behaviors and actions:

  1. Create and promote a work environment where it is enjoyable to come to work every day.
  2. Engage in frequent communication that is meaningful, direct and formal as well as informal; commit to closing any and all communication loops
  3. Hold self and others accountable
  4. Foster creativity and innovation
  5. Foster opportunities for authentic team work

ALL EMPLOYEES are responsible for demonstrating these vital behaviors and actions:

  1. Treat each other with dignity and respect
  2. Embody and model honesty and integrity
  3. Embody a spirit of service and sense of pride

THE ORGANIZATION has a lead role in establishing systems that support these vital behaviors and actions:

  1. Acknowledge and appreciate each employee’s significance
  2. Encourage and support decision making and taking action in carrying out their job duties
  3. Support employee development and training
  4. Support work–life balance
  5. Recognize and support leadership skills and qualities

Longmont by the Numbers

Longmont, Colorado is located along the northern Front Range in Boulder and Weld counties and encompasses approximately 30 square miles. With more than 300 days of sunshine, more than 1,500 acres of parks and open space, and a spectacular vista of the Rocky Mountains Longmont is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Longmont sits at an elevation of 4,979 feet above sea level. Longmont is home to over 97,000 residents, as well as, several high-tech companies and a vibrant restaurant scene. It is conveniently located 37 miles from Denver, 16 miles from Boulder and 30 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park.

Company Summary
City of Longmont Colorado
Number of Employees
(303) 651-8611
350 Kimbark Street
Longmont, CO