Company Overview
NextLevel Health is a Medicaid managed care health plan for people with Medicaid, but not Medicare, who live in Cook County. We assist you in managing and coordinating your care with a deep understanding of you, your community, and your health—one on one, right in your own community.
We are attentive, responsive, respectful, compassionate, and mindful of the diverse needs of our members and providers. We focus on diverse populations that make up the larger part of our local community. We help establish, maintain, and increase access to personalized health care services in the areas we serve through our ongoing, active, and compassionate presence. We are a consistent presence in the community, always available when our neighbors need us most.
Our vision is to help Cook County’s Medicaid-reliant residents achieve a healthy lifestyle and enable them to receive the highest standard of care, with continuous access to a quality Medicaid managed care health plan.
Company Summary
NextLevel Health
Number of Employees
(844) 807-9734
3019 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL