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  Successful Job Search Strategies For Mature Workers
by Ford R. Myers - Jul, 2010
On July 2, 2010, ran an interesting article about older job candidates. Click here to read the article. It stated that “Companies are starting to hire again, but many are turning their backs on older job seekers.” The piece went on to say, “The nationwide unemployment rate for older workers – while lower than that of younger workers – has barely moved since hitting a record high of 7.2% in December of 2009. This r...
  How to Communicate Across Generations
by Alexandra Levit - Jul, 2010
In every talk I give at a corporation or conference on intergenerational communication, someone raises their hand and says that people of different generations don’t vary in their styles and that it’s all in my head. If you’re tempted to think that, here are some examples of the types of remarks I’m always hearing: Born before 1945, they’re the loyalists, the ones who spent a lifetime at the company and expect to be reward...
  How Do I Overcome Being Rejected As Being ‘Too Senior’ For A Role?
by John Crant - Jun, 2010
Q: How do I overcome being rejected as being ‘too senior’ for a role? - signed, A Wealth of Experience The most interesting part for me, is that the HR person emailed you almost exactly what I talk about in my lecture series. Here’s a portion of the rejection for the audience of readers: “ are a little too high level for this position and it probably wouldn’t keep you interested for very long. “The worry is that...
  Effective Use of Social Media and the Mature Worker
by Kathy Bornheimer - May, 2010
There are increasing programs on using Social Media offered by a plethora of resources. Some just skim the surface, some overwhelm and others are so technical that the participant goes into shut down. The following information is specifically for the novice and the technically challenged “baby boomer” who finds themselves in an unstable employment situation or job search. The focus will be exclusively on the use of LinkedIn...
  Too Old To Get Hired?
by Harry Urschel - Mar, 2010
One comment I hear often from people over 50 is that it’s very tough for them to get a new job because of their age. When they aren’t getting a new job in the timeframe they hoped, the assumption is that some form of age discrimination is taking place. That kind of thinking is reinforced by ads for “Just For Men” hair coloring, news stories I’ve seen of people getting plastic surgery to look younger for job interviews, o...
  Career Management In The New Workplace
by Leslie B. Prager - Feb, 2010
The work world of today is dramatically different than the workplace was when I began my HR career back in 1980. Those were the days before the social media phenomenon, blackberries, the internet, virtual meetings, etc. The issues facing professionals today include the “new workplace”; fast-paced, on-demand staffing; a multi-generational, cross-cultural workforce; demographic trends such as the aging workforce and baby boomer...
  How To Get Hired If You Are Older?
by John Crant - Dec, 2009
Question: I’m an older worker and I find myself looking for a new job and wonder: How to Get Hired If You are Older? -Signed, I’ve Got Experience! There’s no getting around it: this is a tough job market. The candidate pool of talent has expanded exponentially and that is leaving many wondering how they can compete. I had a similar question from an audience member at one of the seminars that I teach. This individual’s...
  Create an 'Ageless' Resume To Avoid Discrimination
by Laura Smith-Proulx - Nov, 2009
If you’re job hunting in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, it’s certainly occurred to you by now that age discrimination is alive and well in the market. Employers spend considerable time filtering out the candidates that they consider outdated and expensive in order to focus on the right demographic for their businesses. When you're trying to get your foot in the door to explain why you’re MORE agile and ready to work than yo...
  Age Discrimination and Job Search: Who Made the Rules and How Can You Compete?
by Barbara Safani - Nov, 2009
I don’t think about my age too much. People often tell me that I look younger than I am so I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to look older, not younger. But recently, four events occurred within the same day that forced me to think about age and the perception that age can create. • I saw a lead that a major magazine was offering a job search makeover for women between 25 and 45 years old…I did the math and realized t...
  Reverse Mentoring Is Revolutionizing The Workplace
by Ramon Greenwood - Nov, 2009
Mentors have strong and respected place in the world of work. In fact, that role is growing in importance. Usually, older and more experience, mentors provide coaching and serve as role models for neophytes who turn to them for advice on how to build and manage careers. This role is important to the success of individuals and organizations. Mentoring is taking on a new dimension as increasingly younger careerists are per...
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